(Super)heroes The Fence – Manhattan Bridge Anchorage, DUMBO Brooklyn NY

1 August 2012

A new FENCE project by United Photo Industries, wrapping around the Manhattan Bridge Anchorage!

Adams Street, Plymouth Street, and Anchorage Place – Manhattan Bridge Anchorage, DUMBO Brooklyn

(Super)Heroes may seem at first glance to be visually focused on the comic book variety of superheroes, but the ultimate message is not intended to be humorous or childish. Each of the photographers in this exhibition has approached the subject of superheroes as a allegorical exploration of social issues, whether it be the unsung heroes all around us, the innate desire of humanity to believe in powers greater than ourselves, or upending gender roles and stereotypes.

Susanne Middelberg poses herself and her family in superhero vignettes, each one reflecting upon women’s shifting role in society, social expectations of femininity, beauty, and empowerment – while simultaneously serving as reflections of her own life path.